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About ppa studio

Welcome to PPA Studio, where passions thrive!


Since 2017, Pure Performing Arts (PPA) has been dedicated to producing quality entertainment production in NYC. We are thrilled to finally have a studio space, where individuals who share the passion of art can gather to take one step closer to  dreams with every visit.


Being a mother of two little girls, I’m so glad that we have chosen LIC as the base to raise a family. LIC is a diverse, charming, and safe neighborhood. Our mission is to serve the community by offering art/ music educational and recreational programs for both adults and kids. Since the pandemic outbreak, we all suffered professionally and personally. But we shouldn’t let hardship overrun our lives, especially for innocent kids.


After months of quarantine and social distancing, my girls have gradually become anti-social, yet loud and wild in a strange way. This unprecedented situation truly reveals how important of a role social interaction plays in early childhood development. Virtual solutions are good for academics, but they are not sufficient for the mental and social needs of growing kids. In the effort to provide safe solutions for myself and for other families in the neighborhood, we designed special kids programs that are fun, educational, and most importantly, socially interactive. Only one program will be hosted at a time in the entire studio, and each class consists of no more than 4 students. We practice the optimal safety measures, which goes above and beyond the government’s requirements for COVID-19.

Please visit here for details.


It’s never too early or too late to discover and follow your passion.

Together, we take one step forward to our dreams everyday!

Looking forward to meeting you at the studio!


Jessie Liu

Founder of PPA

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