Mother and Daughter Yoga

Parent and Kid Yoga                                  

Being a parent is a tough job. Yoga is a great way to de-stress the body and mind. Practicing yoga with your child will not only enhance the bonding, but also help introduce a calm, slow-paced environment to restless little runners.

Lesson Fee

  • Private Lesson (40 min) $50

  • Private Lesson (60 min) $65

  • Small Group Lesson (60 min) $40

Children in Yoga Class

Kids Yoga                                

Introducing yoga to kids encourages mindfulness at an early age. It sets a great foundation for them to explore other sports by developing their sense of balance. They will discover a different kind of physical fun other than jumping and running. Studies have shown how yoga can improve focus and mental health in kids, as well as increase their academic performance.

Lesson Fee

  • Small Group (40 min x 4 classes) $85

Yoga Class

Adult Yoga                                

Come join us to restore sanity and balance to your body and soul. Our team of exceptional instructors are ready to tailor each class to your individual needs and learning pace. We offer a complimentary consultation before the first lesson for all PPA members. Sign up today to enjoy membership benefits and more!

Lesson Fee

  • Private (60 min class) $110

  • Small Group (60 min x 4 classes) $120